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Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles look great and can offer some truly unique surface textures as well as durability. Whether you choose Limestone, Granite, Basalt, Slate, Marble or Travertine, your stone tiles are certain to provide a beautiful finish.

The quality of the laying must be of a really high standard, especially if you want narrow joints, so it is well worth choosing to have the tiles laid by a professional. Careful installation and sealing of your stone tiles is just as important as choosing the right ones. We provide the grout, adhesives and sealants you require, to help to protect the stone and make it easy to clean.

Natural Stone Tiles with Under Floor Heating

Indoors, natural stone flooring may be particularly cold underfoot in some areas, however under floor heating works well to provide warmth and comfort in your home. Some stones keep warmer than others, such as limestone, which feels warmer than slate.

Environmentally Friendly Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles can last a very long time, so being a natural product, the impact on the environment is much less than choosing other types of flooring. As well as being a natural product, they look great!

Natural Stone: Slate

Slates are composed of layers of rock, sometimes showing great colour variations from layer to layer. Slate is a very porous stone that must be sealed for any interior application. The material has a very textured (non-slip) surface making it ideal for floors. Slate also makes an excellent exterior material.

Kitchen floor and walls tiled by Southwest-tiling, Swindon

We were very impressed with Marks' outstanding level of workmanship and attention to detail. He was highly professional and a pleasure to work View Full Tiling Testimonials by Ali and John

Kitchen floor and walls tiled by Southwest-tiling, Swindon

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Natural Stone Tiles used to Create Garden Patio - Southwest Tiling, Swindon


Natural Stone: Marble

Marble is a natural, metamorphic stone. It typically has a high polished surface. As with most stones, natural colour variations are part of its beauty. It is a relatively soft stone and should not be used in applications where it will be in continuous contact with staining agents, such as in a kitchen. Polished marble cannot withstand any exposure to acids such as citric acid from lemon juice. Marble is best used for formal lightly used floors but is always in great demand for bathrooms and fire places.

Natural Stone: Travertines

Travertines are very similar to marble, but have open tubular veining in the stone that is typically filled when processed. They also have more directional veining when cut with the grain. Cross cut travertines are becoming more and more popular for their non-directional veining. Travertines come either polished, honed (satin finish), or with an antique finish.

Natural Stone: Limestone

Limestone is a sedimentary stone that is becoming increasingly popular for floors and bathrooms. It has similar properties to marble but almost always comes in a homed finish. Unlike polished marble, homed limestone has better resistance to etching and scratching. Limestone should always be sealed after installation.

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Kitchen Floor Tiles, Swindon
Kitchen Floor Tiles, Swindon
Kitchen Floor Tiles, Swindon
Kitchen Floor Tiles, Swindon
Kitchen Floor Tiles, Swindon
Kitchen Floor Tiles, Swindon
Slate Flooring , Swindon
Kitchen Floor Tiles, Swindon
Kitchen Floor Tiles, Natural Stone Swindon
Kitchen Floor Tiles, Cornish Slate Swindon